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A creepy game indeed. Loved it!

I never posted my video here that I made over a year ago! :/ This was one of the first indie horror games I played and what an introduction to the world of indie horror games this was! Excellent job of creeping me out lol! I also loved Late For Class by you!


Another interesting and fantastic game, just like the other one, you did a great job on this one, it really looked like a psx game, the sounds have that old aesthetic and makes you remember of psx games and the graphics are just great, only thing I didn't understand was the meaning behind all this, if there is one through, is this just a some sort of dream or something like that? It's still great anyways, great job.

Really harrowing feverish atmosphere. The audio definitely added to the experience. Felt like closing your eyes through heaves of anxiety. Nicely done

Interesting and brings horror elements very well. Though, the lack of gameplay in my opinion is what stands out the most, if there was a chase or a harder puzzle I feel like the game could've benefited a lot. Regardless, it's a unique horror experience.

What a fun and unsettling short experience. 

The gameplay, art-design, audio-design and story works great for the what this game tries to convey. I would however like for the game to be a little longer, and for there to be an actual danger. 

But it is very creepy despite this.

Good work.


Weird, but good! (this game starts at 7:38)

It was difficult because I didn't care about the sound

Estuvo bueno y me asusto dos veces para ser tan corto xd, pero es corto. Aun asi me gusto.


Look, I already played several Haunted PS1 games that were bizarre, but this one wins with ease. But he is still in the prototype stage, so I will wait for what comes from now on. Despite this, the game is interesting, I like the PSX visuals present in these games. Congratulations and Keep it up!

Dammmn this was good. Leeches are creepy af.

Made A video On this game!!!

Still a prototype?

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This is a very well made game! I love the old school feel, and the sound design is very nice. Great work! 

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Great one, i loved it, even the drinking sound was yummy lol

Just had to play this game and see what it was about. Love ps1 style games and this game did not disappoint, very different and I like the idea of the story too. I would like to see more expansion on this story as a series like who the leech man is and why he is like he is. Keep up the awesome work 


Very cool horror game!  It was definitely interesting! 

that purple hair girl looks familar.~

The blood was delicious and refreshing.

I made a tierlist for a lot of the haunted ps1 games and this game was in it! Please check out my video!

I very much enjoyed it, and contemplating the vast 'What Ifs' of what a creature, in a perspective of 'What if it was a creepypasta type of creature' in the many theories I'd have crafted, wondering what depth could be had for this creature. Hope my gameplay is enjoyed.

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