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Great game! :D

I will try to get the ending, in the future, I just didn't know what to do or where is the classroom ;-; but overall I loved it! :D

I've had dreams with similar things happening, minus the cold blooded killer hunting me down haha. This was fun to play! Although, I didn't get enough time to both get to the first class and the ending in one run, I still got the ending. It's game 3 in this episode for those that want to check out a gameplay (Timestamp 12:32). I think you should play it for yourself for sure!

1st game... Did I do it right? I'm sure I did not finish your game :D

(Game starts at 9:30) Amazing experience! The controls were a bit hard to get at first, but really reminded me of the early ps1 game controls, which only added to the immersion! The lights going out really put enormous stress on the player, and I loved it! On the first try, you think you can freely explore the halls until that dramatic power outage. And then come the steps...The sound, graphic design, everything is here to make a perfect short horror game! Great job!

Nice game, very difficult.


(Your game starts t 20:17)

Oh you clever dicky. A "2 minute horror game" indeed... once you've spent 20 trying the game over and over again to get to the end, hah!

I loved this one. A super simple (and relatable) goal leading to an almost hilariously overlown dramatization of what being late for class actually feels like - with one especially shocking surprise if you take too long. This was honestly brrilliantly thought out, and that comes from someone who nromally hate games that base all their scares on getting the player to get lost. Great work!

its make me rage -_- but it was a good game


Very creative!!! Keep up the good work!!

I had a lot of fun playing this one! it gave me a hard time in a fun way, i might have cheated a bit at the ending XD


"the procedure entry point createdxgifactory2 could not be located in the dynamic link library dxgi.dll"

tried googling around for some fixes but to no avail. likely an issue because I'm running windows 7? no confirmation on that though.

Pour les Francophones !

My favourite game from the Two Minute Horror jam by far. Super fun, can be short if you know your way around. This game leaves me with so many questions that I desperately want answers for

This game scared me a lot more than I thought it would just the idea that this guy was constantly behind me freaked me out lol. I added it right to the top of this horror compilation.

Loved! it even though i had such a hard time haha first game on my 3 scary games well worth a watch
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Moral of the story: Don't be late, because you might get killed

I loved this game even though the commands were a bit unusual. I got jumpscared twice and I am glad I actually finished it (cause usually I never finish games hahaha)

The jump scare in this game is actually the most terrifying thing ever 

This game is very simple but really creepy :D

i really enjoyed this game it took a few attempts but i finally beat it :)

Really cool short horror game with nice PS1 graphism.
I really like the controls, it's original, remind me those old FPS game on PC and it's cool to play !

This game GENUINELY terrified me. I'm typically not a big fan of very short horror games, but the 2 minute time limit fits PERFECTLY for this game! Really packs on the tension and adrenaline from the start. I loved this! 

actually made my scream like 3 times lol. Super fun, a lil difficult but just enough to make you run faster not get frustrated 

This game was way scarier than I thought it would be. The feeling of being chased was especially real for me. Because the game was soo scary it was all the more rewarding to complete. Thanks for the experience! I included this game in a multiple game gameplay that I will link below if you are interested. Gameplay starts at 9:45

I don't know why these 3D retro style horror games are so much scarier, but damn it got me good.

Figured out the trick to beat this game 😏

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Really cool game. I love this pixel style of the game. I had a lot of fun playing it <3

Hey I'm in love with the look of this game and am currently working on a small game myself. I don't really know how I could manage a similar look as the one you have. If possible could you give me any tips or pointers as to how to achieve this? 

There is a lot of info online that could better show you how to achieve PS1 Style graphics but some of the major constraints of the style are

Low resolution textures with limited color pallet, Low poly models(I used Blender and Sprytile), Limited Resolution (I scale the game to 320*240 with no aliasing), and Lo-fi Sounds (I just change the sample rate of recorded sounds to 8000 or 16000)

I recommend looking into the actual limitations of the PS1 and working with those limitations in mind.

There is also The Haunted PS1 Discord (their twitter has link in bio) which has a lot of devs also trying to achieve PS1 style in various engines so check it out if you are interested. Their game jams are the only reason I've finished my games!
I hope this helped wasn't sure how to answer this.

thank you so much for the reply man. Seeing games work like yours is what has inspired me to begin making my own. 

So... the armed cannibal is supposed to represent the protagonist's school anxiety, or is it the protagonist himself?..

I'll never tell :)

Hello! Just wanted to thank you for making such a unique and memorable horror game and link you to the article that I wrote as a way to express my gratitude.

Thank you for taking the time to do this, it means a lot! What this game represents was somewhat shoved aside by those more interested in its direct horror (which is not a bad thing!) but seeing players confused by the ending did leave me feeling that I failed in conveying its theming.  Seeing the work you put into this page is a very comforting reminder that regardless of what players take away from the game that people like yourself exist and can express genuine interest in something I've made. I am really lucky to have that. Thank you again for making this article it's very well put together and I loved reading the possible interpretations!

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Thank YOU for making the game in the first place! I'm really glad I was able brighten up your day with my work. Researching the game and its intricacies was very interesting, not many indie games pique my interest quite like yours. I just felt like it deserved a more in-depth research in some form, because the symbolic part of the game (and the bad guy) is what makes it stand out and makes the overall experience more unsettling. I just have one question, but I won't mind if you don't wanna answer it - when the shooter is on top of the other student's body, is he just mutilating it with his knife or "violating" it in a much more disgusting way? 

I left it vague as to what he is doing in that moment to let players interpret it differently. What it represents to me though has always been that of less physically damaging and more toying/molestation of the students body. It comes from a very dark place and I wouldn't want to shove that specific meaning onto anyone. I hope that this somewhat answers your question.

Cool game I enjoyed it and was hard but not too hard. I managed top beat it and get the ending.


I tried so hard but couldn't beat it but I couldn't:( But this was stupid scary lol

It's the 2nd game

i dont wanna be late for class!

it wont open


The game has to be run from the folder you extracted the zip. The exe should not be moved. It may also be that your using a 32-bit system which this game doesn't support.

I fixed the issue thanks

My playthrough 

I can't believe I never made it to my classroom without being murdered! but I have to say I tried, honestly!

This was fun, thank you for sharing your game creation!

Here's my gameplay and if you subscribe to my channel I would very much appreciate it :D

Nice creepy concept. Plus its a bit too hard to beat this but hey I like a challenge. Keep making more games Tesseron I want to see more of what you can make. 

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This was harder than I thought, it took me asolid 5 attempt to get it, I liked the idea but I  didin't like getting shot in the back :D  

Unfortunately, the game is bugged. Right as I reach the class 212 and try to grab the note, first all my controls stop working, then when I press F again, the note is on the screen, but when I press F again, the controls are still broken. After several attempts, all that happened was that the note was permanently stuck on my screen, hence I couldn't see anything!

Updated, this should be fixed now.

So... the armed cannibal is supposed to represent the protagonist's school anxiety, or is it the protagonist himself?..


my game wont start

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