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An Entry for the Two Minute Horror Jam

Late to school you have two minutes to get to your class.
Gamepad is not supported in main menu.

Move Forward / BackW / SD-Pad Up/Down or Left Analog Stick Up/Down
Turn Left / RightA / DD-Pad Left/Right or Left Analog Stick Left/Right
InteractFCircle (Face Button Right)
Look Down / UpQ / ESquare/Triangle (Face Button Left/Top)
RunLeft ShiftX (Face Button Bottom)
Pause GameEscapeStart Button (Special Button Right)

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Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, PSX (PlayStation), Short, weird
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


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This game was insanely scary.  Getting stabbed by the rando wandering the halls was seriously nightmarish


Hi there. I recently played your game in my 3 Spooky Games series (totally not copying Markiplier LOL) and it's the 3rd game I play (the chapter system is so helpful lmao)

I really liked this one, compared to the other ones I played. It's got that PS1 aesthetic whilst being in first person and it feels limited and it's nice for a horror game to feel limited... as most horror games don't lol

My girlfriend couldn't find her classroom. xD

Very fun scary little game

Had to make 2 videos to this! Great Game

Had a good time, actually got scared, didn't find a "good" ending if there is any. But still great!

All the school fears mixed up in a beautiful phantasmagoria. 


Had To Double Back & Play It Again!


I despise my teacher with a burning passion

Even though I didnt make it this was SO much fun! Loved it! Hope you'll enjoy my reactions :D


I loved the game ! Made a couple of videos about it exploring each part. 

dang, I hate it when I'm late for class:/



HE STABBED AND SHOT ME!!! - Triple Threat - YouTube

Well At least I finally made it! 

I didn't finished the game but i did enjoy it very much

Never have I been so happy to actually get to class on time haha THIS TAKES HALL MONITORS TO AN EXTREME LEVEL! I absolutely enjoyed everything about this game. It had me on edge once I knew what the consequences were, and with every attempt I strived to push forward! My only suggestions: it would've felt more fluid if the turning sensitivity was higher, and replayability would increase if the room number randomized every turn (maybe even a mini map). Still an awesome experience!

Great work!

This was a pretty good game, just loved the ps1 graphics of it, and it's pretty good the way you used the time in the game, you can complete it in less than 1 minute if you know where you are going but if you don't you will have to play a little bit, It was a good choice of leaving the "true class" unlocked, because it would be hell if you needed to go to class 212 to just unlock the door, I will definitely make a review on this one sooner or later.

Saw CoryxKenshin couldn't beat it so guess what I had to do?

This was included in a video but was the star of it, lovely game!!


Ha, this was fun. This seems to be a common fear. Being late for class even though I already graduated. The tank controls seemed fitting for this type of game. Thanks for making it!

scared me hella bad. short video game but pretty scary. overall great game!


NGL this terrified me especially when i actually made it to the door but couldnt get it to open. 


Great experience. And ps1 graphics too! 

Very scary, the school ambient makes everything better. My gameplay is in portuguese (PT-BR), but feel yourself praised for the good job!

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Fun little game! Took me a few tries to beat it, and I liked the ending, though I wasn't sure what it meant, lol. The controls are a little weird, using A and D to rotate instead of the mouse, but I understand that was a game design decision. Good stuff! 

Please check out the video (Game starts at 0:00) and my channel: VladMan
Thank you!

here is me playing the game and it was very fun to play and i actually got spooked. I like the old kinda style it goes for and i never found room 212 but if you want to see me play it and find the room please comment down below on my video. It would also help put a lot if you chould check out my channel!!馃榿馃榿馃憣

This Game gave me a huge jumpscare at the end, its at the beginning of this video

This was so rage inducing!


Hearing the footsteps chasing you in the dark is absolutely terrifying, it scared me more than I was expecting for such a short game so well done!

If you want to watch me playing it your game is at the 3 minute mark.

I really love the aesthetic of this game and it really creeped me out! It's one of those games where you really have to play it to experience it properly and I'm glad I did. Please check out my gameplay below and consider subscribing!

Was a really good game. The atmosphere was great and when things go dark and then the killer comes it was super surprising and scary. The way you used the footsteps and the clock ticking was really well done and super spooky. Can't wait for more!

:C im scarred 

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